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OutLook / Pop3 <> setup pop3 with Godaddy
If you get any post from this group that you have to spend money for.. trash it. I am retired and don't need any one's money... and any one who uses this group for self profit is not a welcome member. This group is ONLY for those who love Egyptology and work with others in their projects.

These POP 3 accounts cost you nothing, IF I gave them to you. Out Look Express is already on your computer if you are running windows.

To find the Out Look Icon, Start, All programs and click on this guy

If any one finds any missing steps or bugs report them to the

Out Look Express Mail Accounts

Out Look Express Setting up your Pop3 Account

Before you begin, you should create a hard copy of all passwords and information you use when setting up any account. I have a journal for just that purpose. Type it on a computer * Hackers might get into it, * You might not be able to find where you wrote it * You might delete it

How to set up a new Pop3 E-mail account in Outlook Express

The following example is all you need to follow. Do exactly the same thing with the exception of changing The variables


Simply copy this in your word processor and replace the pink variables with the actual data that fits your e-mail account.

* Relplace User name , with the Name of your Pop3

* Replace Password , with your password


You click on or type what ever is typed in Red


Out Look Express icon = little white envelope with two blue arrows.

Start Out Look Express

#1 Click on the Out Look express icon

#2 Click on File

Pop up screen drops down,

#3 Move over Identities

#4 Click on Add new Identity


Type in your name [ User name ]


[ ? ] Require a password DO NOT require a password, come back later if u need to but read this first before you do.

If you share a computer with others, there can be multiple Out Look E-mail accounts.

When different people want to go to their account they switch accounts.

If you want your stuff to be private, click [ x ] Require a password

IF you decide to require a password... make sure to write the password before you type it in.

Do NOT write it on a handy piece of paper.. which will get trashed, establish one place where you are going to write all set up information.

First I had one computer manual where I wrote all passwords, domain names ... in the back of it, then I got a paper journal to record all the information in.

More than likely your present computer will be replaced with another one later.. hard drive crashes, spies, accidential deletion of information.. write all your passwords / domains / e-mail addresses .. records on paper.

If you create an outlook express account, add the password option.. and lose the papre... good luck trying to delete that pop3 account or getting back into it.


[ ] Require a password ... NO not now

New Password [ ]

Confirm new password [ ]




Do you want to switch to User name Now?

[ Yes ]

( If you are connected on line and in another account, you will be asked )

[ Yes ] Do you want to keep the present connection


Display name [ User name ]

[ Next ]

Email address: [ User ]

[ Next ]


My incoming mail server is a [ POP3 ] server

Incoming mail (POP3 ... )

[ ]

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server

[ ]

[ Next ]


Account name [ User name ]

Password [ Password ]

[ x ] Remember password

[ blank/no ] Log on using Secure Password Authentication

[ ] Log on using Secure Password Authentication

[ Next ]


[ Finished ]


( ) Import from Microsoft Exchange NO/Blank

This is a separate identity for different uses than your default. You do not want their e-mail addresses.. I am guessing

( * ) Do not import at this time

[ Next ]


[ Finished ]


[ Tools ]

[ Accounts ]

Click on


[ Properties ]


[ General Tab ]

Type the name by you would like to rever to these serves

[ User name ]

Name [ User name ]

Organization [ ] leave this blank

E-mail address [ User ]

Reply address [ User ]

[x] Include this account when receiving mail (check this box)



[ Server Tab ]

My incoming mail server is a [POP3]

Incoming mail (POP3) [ ]

Outgoing mail (SMTP) [ ]

Account name [ User ]

Password [ Password ]

[ x ] Remember password

[ ] Log on using secure Password authentication (leave blank)

[ x ] My server requires aunthentication

[ Apply ]


[ Connection Tab ]

[ ] Always connect to this account using (leave blank)


[ Advanced Tab ]

Outgoing (SMTP) [ 80 ]

Incoming mail POP3 [ 110 ]

Every thing on this page is unchecked

[ Apply ]

[ OK ]


There are hundreds of sites on the internet to tutor you, I think this is one of them

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